Oven baked bread recipe adapted for use machine kneaded dough.

Easiest way of preparing a high quality bread at home

400-425 ml. – Water
1 tablespoon/15 ml. – Sugar
1.5 teaspoons/1/2 tablespoon/7.5 ml.  – Yeast
1.5 tablespoon/1/2 tablespoon/20 ml. – Frying oil
700 grams – Flour
2-3 tablespoons – Gluten
1 teaspoons/1/3 tablespoon/5 ml.  – Salt

I am using vital wheat gluten form http://www.bobsredmill.com/vital-wheat-gluten.html available in Loblaws’s Provigo.

The amount of water is the only variable in the recipe. The amount of water depends from the moisture in the flour. The basic rule is – “less water, better bread”. Lower the water until the machine is barely capable to knead. With less water, the dough becomes harder and more difficult to knead.

Growing and baking times are as follows:

70min – in the bread machine.
90min – in the pan
45min – baking at 190°C

Total time is 3h 25min, without the time for measuring ingredients and moving the drought in and out the machine the pan and the oven, which should take around less 20min.

After the bread is baked, put it under a towel for about 20-30min to cool down and then move it to a plastic bag.

Booth growing times are relative and depend on the temperature and humidity in the room. High humidity and temperature are speeding the process. Length of the growing times affects the texture of the bread. If you want a bigger bubbles make the times slightly longer.


Materials necessary for bread making

Machine kneaded dough

Dough kneaded for proofing

Dough ready for proofing in the pan

Dough ready for baking


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