My Sun Ultra 60 Creator

My SPARC Sun Ultra 60 Creator 3D

The machine that you are accessing right now is an approximately 14 years old “Sun Ultra 60 Creator 3D”.

It is a gift from my former manager Bill Smith. “Thank you Bill

For the last 7 years it served me many purposes, being turned off for less than a month in total during office and apartment changes and other similar life disasters.

Currently it serves as:

  1. A WordPress web server “Apache, PHP5, MySQL” – which you are accessing right now.
  2. Provide a SSH tunnel to allow me and my children to get safely in our home network from the outside.
  3. Of course because this is not much of a load, she runs a BOINC client in separate zone, simply to give her something to do in her free time.

By being the most stable peace of hardware I ever used she earned her personal pronoun :-)

I am wondering time to time how many of her breed are still left working.

# showrev
Hostname: ultra3d
Hostid: 80c7a6ff
Release: 5.10
Kernel architecture: sun4u
Application architecture: sparc
Hardware provider: Sun_Microsystems
Kernel version: SunOS 5.10 Generic_137137-09


# prtdiag
System Configuration:  Sun Microsystems  sun4u Sun Ultra 60 UPA/PCI (2 X UltraSPARC-II 450MHz)
System clock frequency: 113 MHz
Memory size: 1536 Megabytes
========================= CPUs =========================Run   Ecache   CPU    CPU
Brd  CPU   Module   MHz     MB    Impl.   Mask
—  —  ——-  —–  ——  ——  —-
0     0     0      450     4.0   US-II    10.0
0     2     2      450     4.0   US-II    10.0========================= IO Cards =========================Bus   Freq
Brd  Type  MHz   Slot        Name                          Model
—  —-  —-  ———-  —————————-  ——————–
0   PCI    33     On-Board  network-SUNW,hme
0   PCI    33     On-Board  scsi-glm/disk (block)         Symbios,53C875
0   PCI    33     On-Board  scsi-glm/disk (block)         Symbios,53C875
0   UPA   113           30  FFB, Double Buffered          SUNW,501-4788No failures found in System


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